Hydronic Heating / In Slab Floor Coil Heating


Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is known around the world as the best source of heating.
Hydronic heating works by transfer of heat through water. Hydronic heating is very cost effective way of heating your home and provides a comfort level which is second to none.
Radiator panels work of a central boiler which circulates hot water though the panel admitting heat through radiation and natural convection giving you a silent and clean heat. There is no forced air circulation meaning great health benefits to asthma and exthma sufferers.
Radiator panels can be individually temperature controlled.
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'In Slab' Floor Coil heating

'In slab' floor coil heating works using the same method as radiator panels.
A boiler is used to circulate hot water to a central manifold in which the hot water flows through the pipes which are embedded in your floor. The pipes radiate heat through the floor and into your home. Areas can be zoned throughout your home.